ARMIA Cleaning Services specialises in providing the following high-quality cleaning services for your home or business

                                                                 Hard to believe, but we love housework! 

     Our cleaners are recruited, trained and ready for work. Instead of stopping your work to clean and/or spending your weekends slaving away, leave the cleaning and chores to the experts who love doing it. See our list of services below and get your weekend back.

      Home and Office Cleaning

               Bond Cleaning

           Carpet Cleaning

             Lawn Mowing

              Event Clean-up

     Car Washing and Detailing

           Other Services


                         Pest Control

As a small local business, we offer a level of customer service that some of the larger cleaning companies can’t match. For example, we don’t just assume everything is going well if we receive your payment. We follow up with our customers after the first service and on a regular basis afterwards to confirm satisfaction and see if anything can be changed or improved. Our friendly office staff are with you every step of the way.

Customer safety is a very high priority for the staff at ARMIA Cleaning Services. We know that your home or business contains some of the most valuable things and the most important people in your life, so we don’t recruit just anybody to do the job; all of our cleaners submit police checks to us. And although in most cases blue cards are not required in the cleaning industry, we’re happy to send a cleaner who has one if you request it. We also hold $25 million in public liability insurance to ensure our customers are covered should anything go wrong. We take every reasonable precaution to ensure customer safety.

And for a lot of our customers, we understand that you hire cleaners because life can be so busy with more important daily tasks. If you had time, you would clean things yourself. That’s why through our recruitment process, work systems and training, we strive to be a reliable, efficient, no-hassle cleaning service that is flexible enough to meet all your needs. Our cleaners use their own equipment and supplies because we want you to be able to manage all of those other important things and just leave the cleaning to us.