With all of the sunshine and rain that Brisbane gets, lawns here become overgrown quickly. Regular lawn mowing keeps your grass healthy and minimises the presence of annoying insects. And insects can potentially bring other unwanted animals or make your pets sick. Not only that, but you could also receive a complaint or even a fine from city council for overgrown vegetation.

Armia Cleaning Services’ team of lawn mowing professionals will make sure your lawn is regularly maintained. But even if your lawn does become overgrown when you’re away on holiday or too busy to maintain it, we can still handle that. Our mowers will get your lawn back to normal and keep it that way. We’re also equipped to mow large lawns and public spaces. So whatever your mowing needs are, give us a call.

* Note that our mowers may need to re-schedule when facing unfavourable weather conditions.

 Save 10% off our one-off prices with regular lawn mowing or bundling with cleaning services.

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